Washington Area Intergroup Report

  • The committee  reports are on the WAIA website.
  • Desk spots are open for the desk downtown.  Contact WAIA for times and days.
  • WAIA is working on their website.
  • H & I positions are available – this is listed in the digital reporter.
  • WAIA has a Nightwatch service where they forward the phones to someone in the evening, so a drunk in need can speak to another drunk.
  • Needs volunteers for archive duty.  We can have our events archived if we want to.
  • Needs volunteers for health fairs and other festivals to sit at a table with public information.
  • The WAIA no longer has the money from the large bequest.  The judge ordered it returned.
  • First annual sex inventory workshop is open to women only will take place in the northern Virginia area.  Check out the WAIA website for day and time.