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Area 13 Delegate Visit To L.R.

Area 13 Delegate Visit To L.R.

On Sunday July 31st immediately after the 9.00am 11th step meeting there will be a short 15 minute report on the proceedings at the 66th Annual General Service Conference in New York this past April.

Report will be given by the Area 13 ( DC, PG, & MoCo) Delegate to the Conference, Amy C.

Among the topics covered will be Literature, Public Information, (a Google Account to carry the AA message to the public), & Finance. We’d like a full house, so please try to make that 11th step meeting, and plan to stay the extra time to show support for someone gives a lot of time.

Steering Committee Meeting May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016

May 2016 – Steering Committee Minutes in .pdf format

Margaret, Tony, Kevin, Mike, Jeff, John K., Jeanne, Denise, John R., Nancy A.

Call to Order:
John K was acting Chair and called the meeting to order followed by the Serenity Prayer.

• Tony will get a date for the Delegate to attend the 9am Sunday meeting
• Margaret will ask if there is anything in place to prevent the bequest issue from happening again. Margaret will send the survey to WAIA on our behalf.
• Mike will provide the information to the hospital meeting that it is an open meeting of alcoholics anonymous.
• Kevin will be researching environmentally friendly cups to see if we can afford to provide these types of cups for coffee.
• Jeanne volunteered to research what we should put into a newcomer packet and will come to the next meeting with a prototype packet.
• John will put a notice on the website about where to get tickets for the dance so people who don’t see the ticket sellers regularly can get a ticket.

Chairs Report – John K. ‐ No Report

Vice Chair Report – Nettie T. ‐ No report.

Treasurer’s Report – John K.
John distributed the Treasurer’s Report and it is made an attachment to these minutes. The report was accepted as written.

GSR Report – Tony
Tony attended the GSR meeting. An Area 13 Delegate has offered to attend one of our meetings to give a report about what is happening in the area. A motion was made a seconded to have her attend.
The secretaries will be asked to announce this when we get a date. Anyone interested should stay after the 9am meeting on the Sunday she is available. She will begin at 10:05‐10:10 a.m. The motion
carried. Tony will email us when he gets a date.
Tony also asked whether we want to fill the position of District Committee Member (DCM). There was no resolution to this question. Tony will report back on this issue.

Washington Area Intergroup Report‐ Margaret
• Margaret requested that we complete the survey that WAIA was asking for. The group answered the questions and completed the survey. Margaret will send it out.
• A website survey was sent out for WAIA and can be accessed on their website.
• Desk support is needed at WAIA.
• The treasurer reported on the bequest issue. They have decided to ask the court for the case to be reopened. If the verdict remains the same, it was decided $5,000 will go to each intergroup in
the entire country or whatever their bylaws allows them to accept. Margaret will ask what is in place to keep this from happening again.
• Policy and voting rules are under scrutiny.
• The 14 committee reports are on the website.

Hospital & Institutions –Mike
There was an issue at the Laurel Hospital meeting. The announcement is that it is a closed meeting but there are many people who come from the hospital who may not be alcoholic. A motion was made to change the framework so the meeting will be identified as an open meeting. Tony seconded. After discussion the motion carried.

Supplies – John K. ‐ No Report

Chips/Literature – Elaine P.
Elaine submitted a report electronically. Nancy made a motion to accept her report, John seconded and the motion carried.

Secretary Coordinator – Asan K. ‐ No report

Website – John R.
The website is being redesigned. It will be offsite for a couple of days. It will be complete by the next steering committee meeting. It will be easy to manage.

Old Business
Environmental Friendly Cups ‐ Kevin will be researching environmentally friendly cups to see if we can afford to provide these types of cups for coffee.

Newcomer Packets – Jeanne volunteered to research what we should put into a newcomer packet and will come to the next meeting with a prototype packet.

Telephone Bill Issue with Broadband – There was a lot of discussion around the telephone bill issue with Broadband. Nancy made a motion that Tony make a reasonable settlement with the company if he can. Kevin seconded. We suggested offering approximately $100.

Dance – Kate has table decorations. There will be 15 tables and 3 tables of food. We will reuse the centerpieces that we already have made. Kate, Jeff, Bernie and Mike will be in charge of set‐up and
clean‐up. John will put a notice on the website about where to get tickets for the dance so people who don’t see the ticket sellers regularly can get a ticket.

New Business
There was no new business. – The meeting was adjourned.