Steering Committee Minutes June 18, 2016  in .pdf format

Attendees: Margaret, Tony, Kevin, Mike, John K., John R., Nettie,  Lynnell M., David M., Elaine P, Jeanne, Nancy A.

Call to Order:

David called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.



  • In July we will vote on the price comparison for the cups.  Kevin will give David the website.
  • It was suggested that we put anniversaries on the website and this will be decided at the next meeting
  • Jeanne will put together 50 newcomer packets.
  • A note will be put in the speakers book about the visiting delegate coming on 7/31/16 after the 9am meeting.
  • Will we put anniversaries on the website?


Chairs Report – David M. – No Report

Vice Chair Report – Nettie T.  – No report.

Treasurer’s Report – John K.

Lynnell distributed the Treasurer’s Report and it is made an attachment to these minutes.  The report was accepted as written.  

GSR Report – Tony

We don’t have a DCM so Tony will try to find a DCM (District Committee Member) from other groups.   An Area 13 Delegate will be at Laurel Recovery to give a report on July 31st after the 9:00 a.m. meeting to give a report about what is happening in the area.   A note will be put in the speakers book announcing this.

Washington Area Intergroup Report- Margaret

  • The committee  reports are on the WAIA website.
  • Desk spots are open for the desk downtown.  Contact WAIA for times and days.
  • WAIA is working on their website.
  • H & I positions are available – this is listed in the digital reporter.
  • WAIA has a Nightwatch service where they forward the phones to someone in the evening, so a drunk in need can speak to another drunk.
  • Needs volunteers for archive duty.  We can have our events archived if we want to.
  • Needs volunteers for health fairs and other festivals to sit at a table with public information.
  • The WAIA no longer has the money from the large bequest.  The judge ordered it returned.
  • First annual sex inventory workshop is open to women only will take place in the northern Virginia area.  Check out the WAIA website for day and time.

Hospital & Institutions –Mike

A script has been written for the hospital meeting identifying it as an open meeting.  Mike is covering for Nettie.  

Supplies – David

  • $250 was spent for supplies.  We are working on developing a supply budget by the end of the year.
  • Kevin researched cups.  He found a website where we can buy more ecologically sound cups for about the same money as Styrofoam.  At the next meeting we will vote on the price comparison for the cups.  Kevin will give David the website.

Chips/Literature – Elaine P.

No expenditures for the month of June.  We are giving away big books.  

Secretary Coordinator – Asan K.  – No report

Website – John R.

The website is up and running.  It is beautiful and very user friendly.  John announced if any steering committee member wants to be able to put information on the website he will send them the link and directions.  Nancy would like this information to be able to put approved minutes on the website.   A few other people asked John for access.

It was suggested that we put anniversaries on the website.  There was an anonymity discussion around this topic.  Members want to consider this and it will be brought up at the next meeting.

Old Business

Newcomer Packets – The contents of the newcomer packets was approved.  Jeanne volunteered to put together 50 newcomer packets.  

Telephone Bill Issue with Broadband – The committee voted electronically in favor of filing a complaint with the Maryland Public Service Commission.  The committee also has the $100 offer on the table.  A motion was made to pay the $200 that they offered to close the issue.  A motion was made, seconded by David and carried.   A copy of the payment will be sent to Broadband.

Dance – the dance will take place tonight.  David will call the volunteers to meet at LRC at 4:00 p.m.  There are 38 tickets remaining.   Please give Lynnell any receipts you may have from expenses for the dance.

New Business

There was no new business. – The meeting was adjourned.