Kate B.
David M.
Nettie T.
John R.
Margaret M.
Elaine P.
Ernie J.
Tim M.
Roberto V.
Jerry D.
Lynnell M.

Call to Order
The steering committee meeting was held at Laurel Recovery on Saturday 3/18/17.
The meeting was called to order by David M. at 10:08am. Followed by a moment of silence and the Serenity Prayer.
The 3rd tradition was also read which states that “the only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking”.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes from February 18, 2017 meeting were reviewed by the committee.
Lynnell made a motion to approve the minutes. Nettie second the motion and all approved.

Chair’s Report {David M.}
Had nothing to report.

Vice- Chair’s Report {Jerry D.}
Nothing to Report
Nettie also had nothing to report

Treasure’s Report { Lynnell M.}
Treasure`s report was send via e-mail to the steering committee.. Per Lynell no major changes to report.
Elaine motion to approve the treasures report. John second the motion. All approved.

GSR {.}
Not in attendance

WAIA {Margret M.}
Due to bad weather the WAIA meeting was cancelled. So she has nothing to report.

Hospital & Institution’s {Mike}
Not in attendance.
Per Nettie the hospital meeting has been cancelled until further notice due to renovation.

Supplies {Josh M.}
Not in attendance.

Chips & Literature {Clark}
Not in attendance

Secretary coordinator {Jeannie O}
Not in attendance.

Web Coordinator {John R.}
Per John all is good.
Margret requested to have Sandy Beach added to Laurel Recovery website. Elaine made a motion to approve. Jerry second the approval. All approved.
Over-all the website is doing great.

Old Business
There has been an on-going discussion to have “New Comer Packets” made for L.R new-comers Cost to order envelops would cost around $260. David had a stamp made that stamps “Laurel Recovery” to stamp the envelopes ourselves.

Total cost to make a “new-comer packet” should run about .50 cents each (includes envelope, brochures, How it Works + L.R Schedule)

Lynnell will ask Leanne if the Oxford house can print the copies of “How It Works” for the packets.

Elaine made motion to approve the new idea for the new comer packet + the stamp. John second the motion. All approved.

New Business
2019 our lease ends with the new landlord. A member Roberto B. Has a office building on Route one & Contee Road where he would like to have the meeting. Will hold off further talk regarding this when the time gets closer to the end of our lease.

Lynnell M. Made a suggestion to start encouraging everyone to use a coffee mug instead of the styrofoam cups each meeting.

We can ask people to bring in any extra coffee mugs they have.

Coffee maker position will also be the one who cleans the coffee mugs used after each meeting.

We will will ask Jeannie to see what the feedback is with the secretaries after each meeting.

Suggested to see how it goes and we can go from there to decided if it is something we will continue in the future.

Elaine made a motion to approve. Jerry second the motion. All approved.

We have many service positions available. A list of all service positions will be put on the website and all secretaries will be notified of each position to seek to people to cover positions available:
Coffee maker & coffee mug washer
Speaker seeker
After meeting clean-up

Nettie made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 11:12am. Jerry seconds the motion. Meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer.