June 17, 2017

Laurel Recovery Min 6.17.17


David M., Nancy A., John R., Elaine P., Tony C. Clark H., Josh M., Jerry D., Moe G.,

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with the Serenity Prayer.

May minutes were reviewed and accepted after Margaret M. was added to the attendee list.

Actions for next meeting:

  • John R. will put the job description for the 12-step chair onto the website.
  • John R. will put the notice in the book about increasing the basket donation to help cover cost of supplies.
  • Clark will purchase 20 Emotional Sobriety II books for the meeting that reads those books as their format.

Chairs Report – David M.

No Report

Vice Chair’s Report — Jerry D.

No Report

Treasurer’s Report

The May treasurer’s report was distributed. John made a motion that the report be accepted as written, Josh seconded and report was accepted.

GSR Report

No Report

WAIA Report

  •  It was reported that Margaret attended the gala. It was smaller than in previous years.
  • A detailed description of the new 12 step chair will be put on the website with the job description.

H&I Report – Kate B.

No report

Supplies – Josh M.

  • We are going through supplies very quickly.
  • Nancy brought up the fact that last November we discussed asking people to give more money keeping in mind         the cost of a drink. We had put that on hold because of gratitude month. John volunteered to put a notice in the         book with the wording we accepted last November. Nancy looked up what was agreed upon last year and gave it       to John.

Chips & Literature – Clark H.

The question was raised whether we should provide The Emotional Sobriety II books for a meeting that reads that book. It was discussed and decided that since that is an official meeting for Laurel Recovery and that is the format, we should provide the books. Clark will get 20 books for that meeting.

Secretary Coordinator – Jeanne O.

No Report

Website – John R.

John emailed the statistics about the website to the group. That report follows:
Top Pages and Number of times visited
/meeting-schedule/ 744
/steering-committee/ 492
/aa-resources/ 257
From our announcement
Sessions 39 Times accessed
Number of visits May 1 – 809
Average of 58 visits per day
543 visits came from Google Search

Old Business

Elaine had some questions about the cabinet and what she is expected to do with it. She will handle sprucing up the design and putting current prices of the books we sell.

New Business

  • Clark volunteered to fix the four or five chairs that are damaged.
  • The landlord is upgrading the air conditioning unit to a 3-ton unit.
  • The 1-2-3 meeting needs a secretary.

The meeting was adjourned.