Laurel Recovery Min 12.16.17

Attendees:   Nancy A., Tony C., Margaret M., John R., Lynnell M., Teresa P., Jeanne O., David M., Clark H., Ben G., Jim C.,

Tylor F., a newcomer, came into the meeting not realizing it was a Steering Committee Meeting. He stayed and talked with members afterwards.

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with the Serenity Prayer.

Actions items:

  • Lynnell will tally the gratitude donations and notify Board.
  • Lynnell will send a new distribution of funds to the Board for approval.
  • Lynnell will get more newcomer packets.
  • Jeanne will create a tent card for Christmas and New Year’s Eve Alcathons
  • Jeanne will create a food sign-up sheet for those meetings.
  • John will post the holiday schedule on the website.

Chairs Report – David M. –

Motion was made to approve the minutes. The GSR report was left out of the minutes. The revised minutes will reflect the report. The minutes were approved as amended.

Vice Chair’s Report

Not present – No Report

Treasurer’s Report – Lynell

PNC charged $213 last month for deposits. We will be transitioning to BBT. Envelopes will be put up front immediately. We had a good year and it is recommended that we increase our donations to WAIA, Gen. Services, etc. Lynnell will tally the gratitude donations and send us the recommendations for the increases via email.

GSR Report – Ben G.

Ben gave the WAGSA Treasurer’s report to the Treasurer. A vote on reducing the numbers of meetings has been tabled. Some activities are coming up and flyers will be on the board. International Conference of Young People is coming to the Hilton Inner Harbor in Baltimore August 30-September 2, 2018. Registration can be found on the website. Alanon International is also coming to Baltimore next year.

WAIA Report – Margaret M.

The WAIA officers have been elected. There is alot of opportunity for service with WAIA. We should let WAIA know about our holiday alcathons by sending a PDF of the flyer. They are developing a FAQ page on the website and needs input for content. The Gala will be March 24, 2018. Information is on the website. They need committee chairs for the Public Information Committee and Special Needs Committee. The accounting system is stable.

H&I Report – No Chair

An H&I Chair is needed.

Supplies – Not present

Supplies are stocked. Lynnell asked if Sharron had any outstanding PNC checks.

Chips & Literature – Clark H.

Chips, Big Books and literature is all stocked. We need more newcomer packets. Lynnell will get more.

Secretary Coordinator – Jeanne O.

Slots are filled for the holidays. Jeanne will do a food sign-up list and will create a tent card for Christmas and New Years Eve. A new Secretary Coordinator will be needed for next year.

Website – John R.

A motion was made to request that John post the minutes on the website and state they are “non-approved”. Then he will change them later with the approved minutes. Jeanne seconded. The motion carried. John was asked to put the new holiday schedule on the website.

12-Step Chair – Brien B. – Not present

Old Business


New Business

The Committee approved that Teresa can decorate the room for Christmas. The meeting was adjourned.