August 19, 2017

Laurel Recovery Min 8.19.17


Nettie, John R., Josh M., Clark H., Kate B., Tony C., Nancy A.

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with the Serenity Prayer.

Actions for next meeting:

Nancy will create a list to distribute at meetings for four weeks asking people to provide their name and number if they are interested in being called for a 12 step call.

Chairs Report – Nettie

No report

Vice Chair’s Report – Jerry D.

No Report

Treasurer’s Report – Lynell

– The treasurer’s report was distributed. Nothing outstanding to report. June and July received more than was spent. Bank fees were credited to our account. Revere doesn’t charge for deposits. Karen C. Gave LR a check for Alan books and deposit slips. We are being charged for night deposits. Jim Sweeney and Lynnell will work on resolving this problem.

GSR Report – 

No Report

WAIA Report – Margaret

No Report.

There was discussion about the 12 step chair. A motion was passed to create a 12 step list and distribute it at meetings for four weeks. These will be people who are interested in doing 12 step calls and to provide their phone number. It can be separated by daytime and evening calls. The motion passed. If this list is already created, it might be easier for someone to step up to be the 12 step chair.

H&I Report – Kate B.

Kate needs secretaries for H&I. She needs someone to be responsible for one Thursday a month. Someone asked her for a list of rehabs in the area. LR does not provide this information. Maybe that person can be referred to the hospital. The hospital is in need of pamphlets. What type of pamphlets should we provide? Clark will get a sample of what the intergroup provides and will bring to the next steering meeting so we can see how much they are and if we want to distribute
them. If someone is asking for a phone number, men should ask men and women should ask women. If the same sex person is not available at the meeting, give them the WAIA number to connect to someone.

Supplies – Josh M.

Josh asked for a check to get supplies. There have been thefts of supplies at LR. Please keep an eye on anyone walking out with stuff they shouldn’t.

Chips & Literature – Clark H.

Clark is willing to pick up a book or two if someone requests it and he is already going to pick up literature, but won’t make a special trip because someone wants to get a book.

Secretary Coordinator – Jeanne O.

No Report

Website – John R.

Website is doing well.

Old Business

Newcomer packets are made and will be in the black cabinet. An envelope and a note will be put up front for secretaries letting them know they are available and should be given to anyone getting a 24 hour chip.

New Business

Lynell gave Grapevines to Kate to take to the hospital meeting. Lynell presented an idea that if a newcomer introduces him/herself at a meeting, that the meeting read Page 30 of the Big Book. This is up for discussion at future meetings. Since all meetings are autonomous, they would need to vote on this suggestion. This topic will be discussed and could possibly be incorporated by the end of the year if voted on by each meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.