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GSR Report

We don’t have a DCM so Tony will try to find a DCM (District Committee Member) from other groups. An Area 13 Delegate will be at Laurel Recovery to give a report on July 31st after the 9:00 a.m. meeting to give a report about what is happening in the area. A note will be put in the speakers book announcing this.

GSR meeting May 2016

Tony attended the GSR meeting. An Area 13 Delegate has offered to attend one of our meetings to give a report about what is happening in the area. A motion was made a seconded to have her attend.
The secretaries will be asked to announce this when we get a date. Anyone interested should stay after the 9am meeting on the Sunday she is available. She will begin at 10:05‐10:10 a.m. The motion
carried. Tony will email us when he gets a date.
Tony also asked whether we want to fill the position of District Committee Member (DCM). There was no resolution to this question. Tony will report back on this issue.